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David Preston

David Preston
Wallshire Management Services Director

Wallshire Management Services have over a decade of experience in the Business Improvement field, and exists to provide help and advice on a wide range of business issues to clients throughout the South West and beyond.

The company is owned and managed by David Preston who has been involved in Business Coaching, Manufacturing Management and Improvement Consultancy for many years.

David is a professionally trained OLOGY Business Coach (www.ologycoaching.com) and an independent Inscape Certified DiSC Behavioural Profiler.

Enabling clients to improve their business performance over a short time period, the company provides a confidential, professional and discreet service. With highly qualified and professional staff, we remove the headaches from small and medium company owner/directors trying to run their own business.

We can also help business owners strike the right balance between work and family life with the introduction of a few simple strategies to help keep on top of what is happening, even when owners are not at their business in person.

All initial meetings are free of charge and identify a few specifics which can then be used in a bespoke business consultancy or coaching programme.

Wallshire is a member of the IBD Group, (www.ibd.co.uk) and can provide help and advice on finance and banking, operations, manufacturing, people, sales and marketing, or literally any aspect of the running of your business.

Our in-depth Business Health Check will help pinpoint the key issues in any business. Wallshire will then work in partnership to help tackle the issue and get the business back on track and moving quickly to the next level.

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